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Learn arabic

"Teaches you Arabic a lot faster than with normal learning methods- in only 17 minutes daily!"

Fast as well as extremely efficient knowing method:
You can have your very first discussion after 3 hours as well as become proficient after 50 hrs-- for PCs, tablets and mobile phones!

What makes this course different to other courses:

  • Learn just 17 mins daily.
  • You'll never fail to remember Arabic again in your life with the one-of-a-kind long-term memory learning method.
  • With the unique superlearning technology, you'll find out 32% faster and can concentrate better.
  • The course is developed to educate you Arabic on autopilot.
  • The understanding approaches will make learning Arabic addictive, each and every single day.
Free Arabic trial version:

Discover Arabic over the next 2 days totally free.
See as well as attempt the program on your own exactly how you will certainly be able to learn Arabic so much faster than you ever thought of.
Experience on your own how finding out Arabic will be fun as well as easy as well as exactly how this training course will obtain you hooked to proceed each and every single day.
You will certainly be astonished how much you will learn in those two days!

Learn Arabic -Content

  • With the Arabic program for novices, you will certainly get a basic vocabulary of over 1,300 words as well as swiftly reach the A1/A2 degree of the Common European Framework.
  • When you choose the full bundle in Arabic, you will certainly find out over 5000 words and reach level C1/C2.
  • You will discover the words in context making use of various expressions and discussion messages within entire sentences.
  • All words and messages were taped in our recording studio by Arabic native speakers:
    This is just how you memorize an accent-free pronunciation as well as the proper intonation from the very start.
  • A practical-oriented grammar, that supplies you new exercises each day and also increases your language knowledge.
  • The verb trainer and also the sentence building fitness instructor will certainly teach you exactly how to develop sentences and connect fluently.

learn arabic

The long-term memory method of 17 Minute Languages:

This learning approach is based upon the newest searchings for from research on vocabulary understanding.
Every word to be found out will be duplicated at precise periods.

The lasting method functions like this:

You discover a new word.
This word is after that signed up in the program.
The methodical rep of words begins promptly:


  • Very first thing on the following day you have to properly convert this word.
    The program then waits on 2 days.
  • On the third day you will be triggered by the exact same word again.
    You after that have to translate it properly.
  • The program after that waits 4 more days.
    On the eighth day you will certainly be triggered by the same word yet once more.
  • The program after that waits 8 even more days.
    On the 9th day you will be prompted by the very same word yet once again.
  • The program after that waits a last 9 days.
    You need to appropriately translate the word simply one even more time.

If you understood the word on each event, by this time you will always remember it!
It is completely saved in your long-lasting memory.
( Important to know: If you forgot the word to be found out on any type of occasion throughout the repetition stage, the repeating begins again.).

learn arabic
With this understanding method, you will learn every one of the vocabulary in this Arabic training course.
New words will certainly be added to your lessons on a daily basis.
Your vocabulary will proliferate.
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